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How to obtain a Los Angeles Marijuana Recommendation: For the best service, make an appointment with our office by calling us at (323) 790-4983. You can also have google help set up an appointment with our doctor by clicking here.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors

Appointments can also be set up via email by emailing us at Items that will be helpful to bring include your government issued identification, a list of diagnoses from your previous doctor, any medical records you might have, your medications or a list of your medication. If you have your last doctor's contact information please bring that as well. You will sit in our office and fill out our paperwork. By reading about medical marijuana and watching our health minute video you will be educated about the many benefits and risks associated with marijuana or cannabis treatment.

What to look for: Make sure your doctor is licensed by the California Medical Board as the collectives will also be checking your doctor's license. If you get a feeling that a clinic is not run by a doctor, it most likely is not. Does your clinic have a history of being in the same place? If you do have to go to court, your doctor will need to have records of your visit sent to the court. If you have difficulty getting a hold of your doctor or records for your visit when it comes time to testify, it will make it harder to prove your legitimacy. Make sure your recommendation has a gold seal or embossed seal. Also make sure that your recommendation has a 24 hour online and phone verification. Each collective or patient group will verify your recommendation every time you visit.
The Gold Seal Certifies You

What not to do: Leave your recommendation at home. Always keep proof of your recommendation with you at all times. California Attorney General Guidelines shift the burden of proof on you at the time of encountering a law enforcement officer to prove that you have a genuine and valid "written" recommendation. Stating that you have a marijuana recommendation at home is not enough to prevent you from being cited, arrested, and / or both. Famous last words of patients charged with marijuana offenses are, "I keep my recommendation on me at all times." or, "I only treat myself with marijuana at home." or, "I don't drive so having my recommendation on me is not necessary." Our office helps our patients by providing a durable and wallet sized recommendation.

Do You Have The Gold Seal On Your Recommendation?