Medical Marijuana Renewal

Medical Marijuana Renewal: A renewal is a term in the medical marijuana community that arose out of patients who follow up with their doctor about their cannabis / medical marijuana treatment after their recommendation has expired. For patients who have already consulted with a physician and have started medical marijuana treatment, we offer a reduced fee for their continued medical care. We receive many patients from Venice that had been burned with advertisements of $25 dollars, then were later informed that the cost just increased to $100 or even $200 dollars. Or other establishments advertising $15 and see a doctor over skype. We also receive many patients that see a doctor for an advertised price of $25 and are instructed that they have to buy and ID card for $20. Our prices are $40 for returning / "renewing" patients. If you are coming from another doctor, you must bring your original recommendation with you. We do have a wallet sized recommendation that is offered as a convenience for an additional $20.

A "Renewal" for us is: A patient previously seen by OUR doctor or a patient seen by another doctor that was issued a recommendation that expired within the past month.

What we DO NOT do : Charge you for an evaluation, then charge you for a recommendation. Advertise one price, and switch to another price.
Medical Marijuana Card Doctors