Growing Marijuana

Our Doctor is the Los Angeles California Growing Marijuana Specialist

Growing marijuana for a qualified patient in Los Angeles California is relatively simple with our doctors advice. Beware of clinics offering a cultivation license or cultivation recommendation. In Riverside these are often referred to as a growers license or growers recommendation, but these are all incorrect  as any patient with a recommendation can grow up to their medical requirements. Our doctor goes over your  exemption recommendation allowing a patient to grow over the standard 6 mature plants approved in SB 420. In our consultation the doctor will discuss with the patient the severity of their disease, their cannabis / marijuana requirements, route of administration, quantity of medication. In Los Angeles California and throughout California patients can grow up to their medication requirements but no more and definitely not more than the federal limit. Some patients say that the current federal limit is 99 plants and this is also written into some city ordinances as well. Your doctor cannot provide a collective grower authorization or "vendors license" issued by a Los Angeles medical marijuana patient group, cooperative, or collective. These grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative.

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