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Our physician owned clinic specializes in educating patients about growing marijuana, medical marijuana cards, recommendations and renewals for patients in Hollywood Los Angeles, California. Our doctor focuses on natural care of the body and mind and minimizes the chemical or pharmaceutical treatment for our patients condition when it is in their best interest. We educate our patients on the benefits of organic food, exercise and natural medicine as a complement to current medical care. Our care is so exceptional and our expertise of marijuana so extensive that we often have patients travelling as far north as from Fresno, Bakersfield, Palmdale, Lancaster to determine if Marijuana would help them. Patients as far west as Ventura County and Pismo Beach come to see if Marijuana treatment would be part of their treatment plan. We have multiple patients coming to see us from Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego.

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Bienvenidos a nuestro consultorio medico. Estamos abiertos de 11am-7pm todos los dias de la semana, con 
la excepcion del dia domingo cuando cerramos a las 6. Haga una cita ahora llamando al (323) 790-4983. Nuestro doctor habla espanol.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors West Hollywood Easy Clinic
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Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic

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Your privacy is our priority number one! Your medical information is safe in our HIPAA medical record system. 

How to obtain a Los Angeles Marijuana Recommendation

For the best service,  you can set up an appointment with our doctor by clicking here:

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors

Appointments can also be set up by calling us at (323) 790-4983 or via email by emailing us at Items that will be helpful to bring include your government issued identification, a list of diagnoses from your previous doctor, any medical records you might have, your medications or a list of your medication. If you have your last doctor's contact information please bring that as well. You will sit in our office and fill out our paperwork. By reading about medical marijuana and watching our health minute video you will be educated about the many benefits and risks associated with marijuana or cannabis treatment.

Our Hollywood patients generally wait less than fifteen minutes prior to seeing their doctor!

What to expect: Our doctor will educate our patients on the benefits of multiple treatments for their condition and the side effects and risks associated. To determine if cannabis or marijuana is right for our Los Angeles patients conditions, we perform a full history and physical or our patients. We assist our patients in determining the right treatment for their condition, whether it is traditional pharmaceuticals, behavior modification or cannabis indica or cannabis sativa. Marijuana or cannabis at times can be beneficial or harmful for patients and we educate our patients about both.

Our Doctor is the Los Angeles Growing Marijuana Specialist

In Los Angeles California growing marijuana laws have changed due to recent legislation. Beware of most clinics that offer a cultivation license aka cultivation recommendation. In Riverside these are often referred to as a growers license or growers recommendation, but these are misnomers as any patient with a recommendation can grow up to their medical requirements. An exemption allowing your to grow recommendation allowing a patient to grow over the standard 6 mature plants approved in SB 420. In our consultation the doctor will discuss with the patient the severity of their disease, their cannabis / marijuana requirements, route of administration, quantity of medication. In Los Angeles California and throughout California patients can grow up to their medication requirements but no more. The current federal limit is 99 plants and this is also written into some city ordinances as well. This should not be confused with collective grower authorization or "vendors license" issued by a Los Angeles medical marijuana patient group, cooperative, or collective. These grower authorizations are issued to caregivers that grow on behalf of a cooperative.